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The National Association of Realtors did a study that showed that client’s Real Estate Agents only had a 9% chance of remembering who their agent was two years after buying their house.

What if we told you that we can market for you for years to come? All absolutely FREE for referring us to your clients!

Well we can and do market for our Real Estate Professionals on a regular basis. There are two ways that we do this. Through HomeBinder, a “digital three-ring binder”, and Recallchek, a service which keeps our clients informed on potential recalls on their appliances and systems.

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Real Estate Professional Dashboard

The following is a look at the “Real Estate Professional Dashboard” that we give to all our Real Estate Professionals.

You as an agent can use this app on your computer, tablet, or smart phone!

After you paste in your link to your browser (which we can provide you with if you give us a quick call, text, or email), your own personalized “Dashboard” will appear, with your name and information.

From your personalized dashboard you can:

  • Call us directly
  • Email us directly
  • Order an Inspection
    • Ordering an inspection directly through the app gives you quick access to our schedule and availability!
  • View all your past inspection reports
    • No more trying to remember where you saved that file!
  • Update your personal info
    • When we deliver our inspection report to our client, we like to acknowledge the agent in the email we send to our client. So make sure your info is up to date, and write a short bio if you would like your client to see that as well.
  • Repair Request List
    • You can build a list of recommended or requested repairs that you can then build into a PDF to deliver to your client!
  • You can even view a sample report!

All of this can be done directly from your personalized app!

Call or text our office at (505) 401-1746 or email us at to get your own personalized app today!